1. Organization.

The name of this organization is theAlbany Area Amateur Association. It is organized as a non-profit amateur radio club within the meaning of section 501(c)(7) of The Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. 501(c)(7)) and section 5 of part 97 of the FCC Regulations supporting The Communications Act of 1934 (47 C.F.R. 97.5(d)(2)). However, no filing before the Internal Revenue Service for nonprofit status shall be necessary as long as the organization does not maintain a treasury of its own.



2. Membership.

Full membership is open to licensed amateurs in good standing as well as to those with an interest in Amateur Radio. Applications for membership shall be submitted at regular meetings.

3. Governing Board.

The organization shall be governed by a Board of Directors. This Board shall be comprised of the club's FCC callsign trustee, any and all equipment (repeater) trustees, and a sufficient number of elected directors, of equal number or one less, but not less than 3, to maintain an odd count of directorships. Each position on the Board shall have one vote. Should a person hold more than one position, that person shall have that respective number of votes on the Board. A member cannot be elected to more than one position. The trusteeship positions are not elected positions. Each trustee may select his/her successor. However, with the acquisition of organization-owned equipment, or should a trusteeship become vacant without a successor named, the Board may appoint any member of the organization to that trusteeship position.

4. Election Procedure.

Periodic elections are not required, but may be requested by at least one existing member. Only members of the organization shall be eligible to vote. Each member shall be able to cast as many votes as there are elected positions to fill. Election to the Board shall occur for the candidate receiving the largest plurality of votes and continue to the next largest plurality until all positions are filled. Should there be a tie vote for any position where there are more candidates than elected positions remaining, the membership will vote again, considering only those candidates and with each member casting a number of votes equal to the number of positions remaining. Should there be an equal or lesser number of candidates seeking election to the Board, they shall be considered elected without an election having taken place. There are no term limits imposed on any elected position

5. Dues.

The Board of Directors may set the necessary [annual] membership dues, which may not be increased by more than 25% of its current level without consent of two-thirds of the membership. The initial dues amount shall be zero, and any dues shall be collected in U.S. dollars.

6. Equipment and Property.

Unless purchased with funds from the organization's treasury, all equipment used by the organization remains the property of the respective trustee. No rights shall affix to the equipment by virtue of its use by the organization or its members nor shall the ownership rights of the trustee be diminished. All equipment purchased by the organization itself, from its treasury, remain property of the organization and likewise, no right of ownership attaches to such by the appointed trustee (or his successor).

7. Ratification.

The constitution and bylaws are hereby ratified on the 9th Day of June 2017, with the initial directors of the organization being:

Peter Mattice KD2JKV President, Elected Director,

Callsign Trustee Peter Mattice KD2JKV callsign trustee of KD2NSA

Richard Hall Vice President,

,Allison Hall Treasurer

Jessica Mattice Secatary